Carpet Quote

Automated Online
Quote & Booking for
Carpet Cleaning Businesses

Carpet Cleaning Quote & Booking

Carpet Quote is an online instant automated carpet cleaning quote and booking form, built for Australian carpet cleaning businesses by Australian carpet cleaners. Carpet Quote is more than a carpet cleaning quote form, it is a carpet cleaning web application. When a customer fills in their carpet cleaning requirements, the application will automatically calculate the cost and time frame it will take to complete the job. It will also email your business and the customer the completed carpet cleaning quote, with the option of booking in their carpet clean directly from their inbox. Save time and start booking more carpet cleans with Carpet Quote.

Instant Booking

Once your customers have completed a carpet cleaning quote, and the quote date and time is available, the client can book in their carpet clean directly from the app or from the quote email. Booking has never been easier for you and your clients with email confirmation and a google calendar link, providing personalised reminder notifications direct to your phone or desktop. Book more carpet cleans now with Carpet Quote.

Professional Emails

With every carpet cleaning quote and booking, Carpet Quote produces a professional HTML & CSS styled personalised email. Each email is sent to both you and your client, and lists all the details relating to their quote/booking including name, location, contact details and the cleaning services required. If your potential customer does not follow through with a booking, you have all the information you require to reach out and secure the job. Carpet Quote will also email you copies of any unsuccessful quotes, with the missing details. If you have a customer who is struggling to fill out the form correctly, you can use the details provided in the unsuccessful quote email to make contact and help with their enquiry. Learn more about your customers and provide a more professional carpet cleaning service with Carpet Quote.


Carpet Quote comes with its own content management system which gives you access to adjust your pricing and charge a minimum call out fee for all jobs. If a customer only books 1 room, and you price your room at $30, but you set your minimum call out fee at $90, Carpet Quote will return a quote of $90. You will have the ability to charge extra based on location. If you must travel further, why not get paid for your transit? Set a travel fee based on postcodes outside of your immediate area. You can also charge extra on weekends; retail workers get paid extra on Saturday’s and Sunday’s, why shouldn’t you? Set an extra percentage charge on weekends of say 150-200%. Carpet Quote provides your customers with an estimated time frame which will be quoted in their email, and if a customer books in, it will automatically block out their calendar over the provided time frame. You can adjust the times per service just as you can change the pricing per service. Carpet Quote also contains a database of all successful, unsuccessful and completed bookings on the platform. Learn everything you need to know about your customers, from most popular locations, days, and job styles. Stop guessing how to target your customers and learn from the data Carpet Quote gathers for you.


I don’t have a website… do I need a website?

No, you don’t need a website. Carpet Quote is hosted on it’s own server, acting like its own website. You can connect your Google My Business and social accounts directly to your Carpet Quote domain. We still recommend having a website to showcase your business and use Carpet Quote as your online quote and booking platform.

I don’t have a domain… do I need a domain?

No, you do not require a domain to use Carpet Quote. We can provide you with a subdomain and email account set up free of charge. It will look like this If you would like to purchase a domain, we can organise that for you and create a subdomain ie.

If I would like a website can you help?

Yes, we can certainly help with purchasing a domain, setting up an email and building a website. Domains start at around $15 for domains for the first year. We provide website and email hosting for $25/month. We can provide you with a simple fresh and clean mobile responsive website with social media accounts, Google My Business, Google Webmasters, Google Analytics and on page SEO all for $350. Why all these extra’s? It’s no use having a website if no one can find it, we want to provide you with the tools to grow your business.

How much does it cost to setup Carpet Quote?

Currently Carpet Quote is in Beta and we are looking for more customers to work with and grow. Because of this we are currently not charging anything to setup and onboard. All you will pay is the $29/month to host and maintain the app.

How do I pay for Carpet Quote?

Once your application is up and running you will be provided with a payment portal on the backend of your app. You can simply provide credit card details into the form and it will automatically withdraw $29/month from your account. At anytime if you wish to cancel the subscription, contact us and we can cancel the payments.

What are the future plans for Carpet Quote?

We are working with our current Beta Testers to answer those questions. Currently we will be implementing the ability to add pest control to the quote as many carpet cleaners provide this service. We are also looking at providing the ability to reach out to clients via an email template similar to that provided by the quote, so you can offer deals and discounts. Further on the horizon we are looking to create automated invoices and receipts that can be emailed directly to the customer. If you would like to become a Beta Tester and provide your own input we would be happy to take your suggestions on board.